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Peer Leaders Swing into 2018 Action

Sun. Aug. 5, 2018

At the start of August the new team of Peer Leaders began preparations for their important task of leading the Class of 2022 through their first year at Seton Hall Prep. The 28 seniors joined advisers Theresa Neglia, Dr. Jim Incardona and Peter Ford for a 3-day workshop to build their team and to learn some of the skills that will guide their work during the year with the 275 freshmen. • They worked this year in the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, each day gathering for meetings and for team-building exercises that helped them discover their own leadership styles and the importance of communication. Those skills were put to an early test when, on the last evening, with the adults discharged from the room, the group hunkered down to form the 2-man teams that would lead each of the 14 freshman groups through the year. After an unusually business-like three and a half hours, they presented their line-up to the advisers, who, after ensuring that everyone in the room was comfortable with both the process and the result, gave their approval. Nearly exhausted from the evening’s efforts, everyone retired to pack and get some sleep. The following morning the group returned to school, where they were commissioned as Peer Leders at the Mass celebrated by Chaplain Fr. Jim White.

Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival Renewed at the KAC

Sat. Aug.4, 2018

The 5th Annual Brendan Tevlin Memorial Lacrosse Festival brought together scores of New Jersey lacrosse fans and friends of the slain Seton Hall Prep graduate, Brendan P. Tevlin '13. Following several hours of early morning torrential rain, the event began under clearing and eventually blue skies at noon. Organized by "Tev's" classmates, cousin Mike Condon, Rich Shahpazian and Dave King, the festival began following Brendan's death as an afternoon of pick-up games to celebrate his life and spirit, captured in Brendan's favorite expression- "Good times and easy living". The afternoon, sponsored by Seton Hall Prep and the Shillelagh Club, hosts a pair of games for adults, a women's game and a youth contest at The Prep's Helen M. and Edward D. Kelly Athletic Complex and brought together fans and players from acrosse the Metro area, even welcoming members of the national lacrosse championship team from Yale, where Brendan's brother, Brian, played this past season. Irish flavor was added to the event, as the players entered the field accompanied by pipers from the Shillelagh Club and South Park Pipes and Drums Corps. Following the games, the crowd retired to the Shillelagh Club for refreshments and raffles.

SHP Students Experience a Mission Trip to Guatemala

Part 2

Tuesday, July 14, 2018

By Mike DiDonato '18 and Charlie Hetzel '19

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the group started to lay sod for the soccer field, and after working for eight hours, about half the field was covered. Dinner was held at the home of Carlos Vargas, the founder/owner of Hope for Life, who grilled 100 pieces of steak, all devoured by our hungry workers. The dinner also served as a celebration of Mrs. Mottesi’s birthday.

On the early morning of July 4th, 135 bags of food were packed with beans, corn, sugar, oatmeal, flour, and rice. After this, everyone hiked through the forest, enjoyed lunch, and swam at a waterfall as a time of relief from work. Arriving back at the campound, the group visited the orphanage and hospital again and spent time with the kids. In the evening, everybody celebrated the 4th of July with music, dancing, and a barbecue at Hope for Life.

The sixth day of the trip consisted of more work on the soccer field. Everyone laid down twice as much sod as they did on Tuesday, successfully covering about 2/3 of the field. As the day came to a close, rain began to fall, and the locals brought everyone refreshing Coca Cola® for the hard work that was done. That evening, the group reflected on legacy, particularly what everybody would like to be remembered for.

On the final day of the trip, Friday, July 6th, the group traveled to the village of La Cuesta, a town for which the group purchased a water well so those who live there could have clean water. They also handed out the food that was packed on Wednesday, along with clothing. Those in the village sincerely thanked the group for their great donations, especially for the well, so they do not have to drink from the contaminated river anymore. At the conclusion of their time in La Cuesta seeing some of the hardship people live in, the group grew very appreciative of the conditions and opportunities that exist in their own lives. On the way back, the group stopped by Carlos at the soccer field, where he thanked everyone for their much-needed help on the field. Everybody was then given the chance to pray together prior to their nightly reflection, acknowledging what one another did on the trip and how they could take what they learned and bring it back home. Everyone awoke on Saturday at 4:30 AM for the flight back home to the United States.

SHP Students Experience a Mission Trip to Guatemala

Part 1

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

By Mike DiDonato '18 & Charlie Hetzel '19

A handful of Seton Hall Prep students are busy in these first weeks of summer as they help out those in need throughout Guatemala. This Hope for Life service trip has been organized by Mrs. Lisa Mottesi, mother of Danny Mottesi, Class of 2020, and led by Mrs. Mottesi, Mr. Mark Vitale, Mr. Matthew Bonder, and Hillary, a friend of Mrs. Mottesi from her parish. On the first day of the trip (Saturday, June 30th), the group of Prep students, along with students from Kent Place, Millburn High School, Colts Neck High School, and one student from Chicago, arrived at Newark International Airport at 5:00 AM and took a two-hour flight to Houston. From there, they flew for two hours and forty-five minutes to Guatemala City where they had lunch before taking three-and-a-half hour bus ride. After eighteen hours in total of travel, the group finally arrived at the Hope for Life compound in Zacapa. To end the day, everybody enjoyed dinner and pool volleyball, followed by much-needed rest.

Day two began with a service held in the dining hall by a pastor on the trip with another group. The group was then given a tour of the compound, beginning at the orphanage, where American couple Hannah and Evan care for eight children on the grounds containing a home and preschool. After the orphanage, everyone was shown around the hospital, which turned out to be quite a difficult place to see. There in the hospital were sick children, due to malnutrition, and also disabled children, as a result of a fire that occurred in Guatemala City. “We had the opportunity to spend time with the children and babies,” says Mr. Vitale. “We also saw a before and after book of prior patients and it was amazing to see the obstacles they’ve overcome.”

The group then moved on to a home for the elderly, witnessing many with mental and physical illnesses, along with others who were abused in previous homes. The final part of the compound that the group visited was the section called “Kelly’s House,” which is a place that helps children with special needs; everyone was given a chance to spend time with the kids. Towards the end of the day, the group returned to their living quarters to wind down, eat dinner, and, according to Mr. Vitale, “participate in ice-breakers, talk about the day, and meet others who were also in Guatemala for service.”

On the third day of the trip, everyone woke up early for a long day of strenuous work ahead of them. After breakfast, the group worked on a soccer field that had been in progress over the past two years, started to build bathrooms for the field, helped dig trenches for a sprinkler system, prepared the ground for sod, and cemented bricks for the bathrooms. Working alongside the locals, those in the group were motivated and learned much about the different jobs and skills held by the Guatemalans. At the end of the work day, many relaxed by the pool, and then everyone ate dinner and reflected on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 as a group.

See below for pictures from the first few days of the trip!

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