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Seton Hall Prep recognizes that students with computer experience and computer skills will be better prepared for college and afterward. One of our main academic goals is to provide students with the necessary computer tools and instruction, integrated into their existing curriculum. Seton Hall Prep places an emphasis on computer technology and has made a substantial commitment to utilizing the finest technology available from leading industry names.

Recognizing that students arrive at our school with different levels of experience and expertise, The Prep has committed through the Middle States Accreditation for Growth Program to an Educational Technology Goal where graduating seniors will demonstrate a mastery of technology skills across the curriculum. Mastery Level is defined as the ability to perform a specific task with little or no assistance. To this end, all freshman teachers will expect some type of technological efficiency as part of the conditions for fulfilling the requirements of their courses. This may include, but is not restricted to, the use of the Internet for class research, word-processing software for typing papers, math applications, the use of Podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheet programs for graphing. Instruction is available in the fully equipped PC Lab and Mac Lab during help class and activity periods for those students who feel they may gain from it. They are also free to come at these times to use the programs available.
As the students continue through their four years here, they will have the opportunity to undertake computer applications in the fields of art, publications, music and photography, as well as others. Students may also take specific courses in Advanced Computer Applications and later move on to the study of web design and graphics. Computer programming with Java is available at both the College Prep and AP levels.

Technology Infrastructure

Every student receives a network and Microsoft Office 365 account. This network account gives the students access to the many workstations available for use throughout the school. The Microsoft account gives them access to Microsoft's online services, an @shp.org domain email address and rights to download and install the full Office applications on five devices. The school computers connect to the Internet through redundant ISPs composed of a Fios 500/500 Comcast Gigabit connection. In addition to the school’s computers, students may bring in their personal laptops and connect to the school’s wireless student network, giving them access to the same internet connection and specific resources such as networked printers. The school’s network is continually managed and upgraded by the school’s on-site Network Administrator.

At the start of their Prep careers, students review and sign the school’s “Acceptable Use Policy,” which outlines student responsibilities and expected behaviors with respect to the hardware and software supplied by the school, as well as appropriate use of materials they may find during their online research.

Technology Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Rodrigo San Cristobal

    Mr. Rodrigo San Cristobal 

    Director of Technology Services
    (973) 325-6440
  • Photo of David Snyder

    Mr. David Snyder 

    Science Teacher / Director of Educational Technology / Asst. Varsity Soccer Coach
    (973) 325-7737 x5063
  • Photo of Matthew Berman

    Mr. Matthew Berman 11

    Director of Communications / Webmaster / Asst. Varsity Soccer Coach
    (973) 325-6430
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