Open House

October 14, 2021 Update!

As of today, all slots for 8th-grade students are now full but several spots for 7th-grade candidates still remain!  Any candidates who would still like to join us on October 31, please click the
"Open House Wait List" registration button to add your name and a member of the Admission Office Team will contact you as soon as an opening becomes available!

Hazard Zet Forward!

If you have had the opportunity to spend a virtual “Freshman for a Day” with us last spring, met The Prep at your school or parish, spent even just a few moments leafing through our viewbook or website, or are planning to join us this fall for your in-person Freshman for a Day experience, inevitably, you have come across three simple words which serve as the foundation for how we at Seton Hall Prep approach the world: Hazard Zet Forward.  Stretching back over 800 years to the Seton family in Scotland, Hazard Zet Forward – whatever the challenge, keep moving forward! – serves as a guide for how we as members of the Seton Hall Prep family approach any challenge or difficulty we may encounter in our daily lives.  Never more so than this past year have those words been more true.
We are excited and proud to announce that Seton Hall Prep 2021 Open House will be held - live and in-person! - on Sunday, October 31.  While we wish that we could accommodate entire families, in order to create as personalized an experience for as many of our visitors as possible, we humbly request that each candidate be accompanied by only one family member or guest.   

Please know that parents and whole families of applicants will have the opportunity to attend a "mini" Open House on the Saturday morning that their son sits for his entrance examination.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and sharing with you just a few of the many things that make Seton Hall Prep such a truly wonderful place to call home!
Best wishes and Hazard Zet Forward,
Michael T. Zinsmeister
Director of Admission
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