Admission Process

In order to be considered for admission to Seton Hall Preparatory School for the 9th grade, an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete and submit the Seton Hall Prep Application for Admission along with the $70 application fee.
  • Take the official Seton Hall Preparatory School Entrance Examination. Please note that Seton Hall Prep does not recognize nor will consider any standardized tests as substitutes.
  • Submit final transcripts for 6th and 7th grade as well as for the first marking period of 8th grade. In order to do this, complete the Transcript Release Form and return it to the applicant's current school.

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  • Get started TODAY on your future at Seton Hall Prep!

    In order to be added to our contact list and receive frequent updates on important SHP Admissions news, deadlines, and events, please complete the Inquiry Form.
  • Spend a day shadowing a Seton Hall Prep freshman!

    Due to Archdiocesan policy prohibiting visitors to the school during regularly-scheduled class hours, we have shifted our "Freshman for a Day" program to a virtual platform.  "Visits" will take place each afternoon at 4:00 pm via Zoom and will allow visitors to meet the Director of Admission, ask questions, and learn even more about what makes Seton Hall Prep such a wonderful place to call home!  In addition to the live meeting, a series of videos (covering such topics as academics, athletics, campus ministry, retreats, student activities, extracurriculars, transportation, and student life) will be available for your perusal after your visit.  Upon completion of your Freshman for a Day experience, you will receive your official Seton Hall Prep "Freshman for a Day" shirt and SHP mask to wear proudly! 
    To book YOUR Freshman for a Day appointment, begin on the right side of this page by selecting "Book Now". Once you have made this selection, you will be able to choose a specific date in our online calendar.
  • Take the Test

    "Last Chance" Admission Examination: Monday, December 28
    As the admission process for Seton Hall Prep is now heading into the final weeks, we invite you to sit for our final Entrance Examination on Monday, December 28 at 9 AM.    The test will only take a few hours of your morning and, while you are taking the examination, your family is welcome to join the Admission Office for an information session, streamed live from the Seton Hall Prep Admission Office!  In order to sit for this final examination, you simply need to complete our online application  Just click “Apply Now!” and select December 28 as your test date!  Please be aware that all required and optional submissions - including official academic transcripts and letters of recommendation and financial aid applications - must be received by the Admission Office prior to testing.
    This is your final chance to apply to Seton Hall Preparatory School before our decisions are mailed on Thursday, January 14, 2021.  The space for these tests is limited, so, if you are interested in applying to The Prep for next year, please complete your application and contact the Admission Office as soon as possible.  Should you have any questions about the application process, you are welcome to email us directly at
    Financial aid and academic scholarship are still available to all those who take the test on December 28!
  • Decisions

    Admission to the ninth grade is determined by an applicant’s performance on The Seton Hall Prep Entrance/Scholarship/Placement Exam and his 6th, 7th, and 8th grade records. Decisions will be mailed home to applicants on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Electronic notification of decisions will be made available online on Friday, January 15 at 3:00 pm in accordance with Archdiocesan policy.

Office of Admission Staff

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    Mr. Michael Zinsmeister 

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    Director of Activities
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