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Please remember those alumni who have recently passed on before us in your prayers.

Alumni News and Networking

Over 1,600 alumni have enrolled in The Prep’s new online professional networking site, Get involved, spread the word and engage in professional networking activities with the many Alumni who have joined. Feel free to give us updates about your life. It may not seem like headline news to you, but many of your classmates are eager to know how you are doing.

Supporting & Strengthening The Prep

The continuing challenge of every school is not only to educate students, but to open their minds and to nurture a passion for knowledge. Seton Hall Prep takes the further step of seeking to awaken and strengthen students’ beliefs, values and faith. At The Prep, students develop their minds, bodies, and souls, defining themselves as individuals in a pluralistic society.

The generous support of alumni, parents, and friends has enabled the Prep to uphold its tradition of excellence for over 150 years. Annual and capital gifts help to attract outstanding faculty, maintain a challenging curriculum, offer first-rate resources for learning, maintain and improve facilities, and bring the Prep within financial reach to qualified students who otherwise couldn’t afford a Seton Hall Prep education.

Fundraising and "friend-raising" activities that are held throughout the year help to strengthen ties and raise Seton Hall Prep’s visibility within New Jersey, while also raising essential funds to help the Prep meet the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual needs of every student.

Advancement Office

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of James Boyle

    James Boyle Mr. 

  • Photo of PJ Candido

    Mr. PJ Candido 11

    Director of Alumni
    (973) 325-6634
  • Photo of Marybeth Ream

    Mrs. Marybeth Ream P'14 

    Associate Director - Annual Fund
    (973) 325-6652
  • Photo of Judy Gunn

    Mrs. Judy Gunn 

    Development Coordinator
    (973) 325-6633
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