Freshman for a Day

The Freshman for a Day Program is the perfect way for prospective students to experience Seton Hall Prep for the first time. This unique opportunity is available to 8th grade students between September 23, 2019 and February 7, 2020.

In order to provide as personal a visit as possible, we limit visitation to ten visitors per day. Visitors should plan to arrive on by 8:15 on the day of their scheduled visit. Classes begin each morning at 8:45 and conclude at 2:45 each afternoon. Parents are invited to return to the Admission Office at 2:30 for an informal gathering with the Director of Admission and other parents.

  • Each Freshman for a Day visitor should dress in a button-down shirt and tie, khaki-type pants, belt, socks, and dress shoes. (No sneakers, please.) Visitors may also request a specific ninth grade host for the day when making their appointment. Should the Freshman for a Day visitor not know a current student to serve as his host, the Director of Admission will select one for him – someone possibly from the same school or town or who shares a common interest.
  • Each visitor is also welcome to bring an 8th grade friend along who may also be interested in experiencing The Prep for a day. The two can be paired and are able to spend the day together while visiting. Both boys will need to make their own on-line appointments before visiting.
  • Each visitor will be provided with a custom padfolio and pen, as well as a complimentary lunch voucher. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch items if they prefer are encouraged to bring a few additional dollars should they wish to purchase extra items from the dining hall or snack room after classes. At the end of the school day, each Freshman for a Day visitor will receive his own official Seton Hall Prep shirt!
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