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  • No. 4 Seton Hall Prep Ralllies for Win Over No. 10 Ridgewood, 9-8

  • 11-2 Win Over Millburn Sends Shep Into the 800 Club

    The Pirates bats came alive along with a top pitching performance to send Coach Mike Sheppard into the rarefied air of coaches with 800 career victories yesterday, with an 11-2 win over Millburn and avenging an 4-1 opening day loss to the Millers. Shep becomes only the third to join legends Kenny Frank of Toms River South and Marty Kenney of Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey's exclusive club of coaches with 800 wins.  •  Big blows spurring the Prep's 11 runs were a Matt Monteleone grand slam and a solo shot by Chris Maldonado. 
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    [Read Bob Behr's post about the game on the DiamondNation website]
  • Prep Tutors Continued Their Important Work Despite the Pandemic

    With Covid-19 raging last summer, and nearly every school about to be engaged in one form or another of shutdown, hybrid-, distant- or remote-learning, things looked bleak for continuation of The Prep’s remarkably successful Tutoring Program. But creative thinking by Prep students and Program Adviser John Pascal came up with an innovative plan to harness technology to continue their relationship with the schools that previously enjoyed the weekly physical presence of Prepsters in their buildings...
  • Twelve Angry Men Takes to the Stage

    After seven months of waiting and wondering when or if it would even happen, the virtual curtain rose on Seton Hall Prep’s production of Twelve Angry Men yesterday afternoon to the delight of both a socially distanced in the auditorium and another live-streaming audience over the internet. Kept from performing on the original date back in November due to Covid-19 protocols, the cast continued to work and rehearse through the winter and early spring under the direction of Theater Arts Director Theresa Neglia. Finally, with an outdoor performance as part of the Spring Arts Festival rained out two weeks ago, the cast and crew came through with a riveting performance Saturday afternoon in Bayley Seton Auditorium. The event had a bitter sweet backstory, as the performance marked the final production directed by the retiring Mrs. Neglia after more than 25 years of remarkable contributions in the Theater Arts Department, both on the stage and in the classroom.
         The cast comprised Connor Gorman, Louis Scafidi, Ben Ferrara, David Akoh, Chris Duff, Anthony Bottino, Nathaniel Tabora, Will Kennedy, Ean Miller, Joaquin Suriel, Justin Abbott, Greg Dort and Matthew Bardi. The live stream was produced by The Prep’s new Live Streaming Club.
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    [view it here on YouTube; advance to around the 40 minute mark.]
  • VGT2: Back in the Game

    After two weeks of mystery, fraught with danger and uncertainty, and after overflying places ne’er before visited, The Prep’s STEM Class balloon VGT-2 emerged from a scarily long period of radio silence over Canada on Friday, between Lake Superior and the southern tip of Hudson’s Bay, on the way to completing its eighth circumnavigation of the earth. VGT-2’s first seven laps had gone rather uneventfully and predictably, with its flight taking it through the rather calm latitudes between the equator and the middle of Europe. However, two weeks ago as it left the East Coast of the US, wind currents shot it up above Ireland, 800 miles north of its customary path, then precipitously south east over Turkey, suddenly heading northeast towards Russia. It was there that it was “lost” for a week (who knows what goes on over Russia and China). In fact, even money was on its having met its demise, like its sibling VGT-1, which disappeared forever a month ago after passing over Chesapeake Bay as it completed its fourth lap. Last Wednesday, VGT-2 suddenly checked in near Fairbanks, Alaska, more than 1600 miles further north than on previous laps. In the days following it shot south east (in radio silence) towards the Great Lakes and over the next two days headed towards Boston, where it showed up Sunday morning, completing its unprecedented eighth lap and nearly 100 days “in orbit.”
         To learn about the entire project from the start and for interim updates, visit here.  
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