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Infection & Covid-19 Policy (Updated 9/29/2023)

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  • Does SHP (Seton Hall Prep) still have their COVID-19 task force?

    The newly renamed Health Task Force Team under the guidance of Headmaster Michael G. Gallo will continue to meet throughout the school year to discuss all health-related issues.
  • Has SHP retained their medical (COVID) doctor to be part of the new task force?

    Dr. Michael Kelly, DO, the consultant to the West Orange Department of Health as well as many area high schools, will continue to serve as the medical consultant to SHP for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • My son has symptoms that are consistent with COVID or the flu, should he test?

    Testing should be done at home with voluntary compliance based on the honor system.
  • My son tested positive for COVID. How long should he stay home?

    • Confirm a positive home test with an additional test taken 24 hours later. If the second test is negative, treat the symptoms of the illness (student must be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication before returning to school) and contact the school nurse for guidance.
    • If the second test is positive, please keep your son home for 5 days using the following guidelines:
    • Day 1 is two days prior to either your son’s first test date or the first day of symptoms. Your son may return on Day 6 as long as he has been fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication and his symptoms have improved.
    • Masking on Days 6-10 is recommended but not mandatory. If your son has a cough or congestion, please have him wear a mask.
    • Please report your son’s absence using the SchoolPass app.
  • Is the school doing any precautionary cleaning like they did during the COVID year?

    • Yes.  SHP has never stopped with daily cleaning of classrooms, bathrooms, and offices with recommended products.
    • We were one of the first schools in NJ to purchase the i-wave technology air purifying systems (installed during the Covid pandemic) in classrooms, offices and common areas.  The Kelly Athletic Complex (KAC) Murray Field house is also covered with this system.
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