Summer Enrichment Programs

Our vibrant summertime program highlights:

  • Be completely immersed in one subject.
  • Concentrate on a favorite area of study.
  • Acquire new skills.
  • Take Advanced Placement classes in following years.
  • Pursue a class that is not offered during the year. Typically, classes are the equivalent of a full one-year course at Seton Hall Prep, though occasionally there are mini-courses offered as well.
  • Because classes meet so intensively for a short duration, no more than two absences are permitted for any reason.

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  • Remedial Summer School

    The Prep offers a number of courses for remediation during the summer. Summer School for those who have failed a class, or who are remediating a D to a C. See the calendar on this site for details.

    • Students who have failed a course may enroll and make up work that not completed satisfactorily during the school year.
    • Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 to maintain matriculation at Seton Hall Prep.
    • Students who have earned a grade of D in a class may remediate and, if they maintain a at least a C average, convert their grade of D to C.
    • Course offerings vary from year to year, depending upon student need, but not every course that a student might need will necessarily be offered.
    • Typically, the following courses are offered: English, History, Physical Science, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II. Sometimes Theology is offered.
    • Classes run for a total of 19 days, and student may enroll in no more than two courses. The final times for all class meetings (8:00-10:30 pr 11:00-1:30) will be published the day after registration, and will be available online.
    • Students who are absent for more than two classes are not eligible to receive credit.
    • Summer School Registration and Contract will be available as a download above.
  • Pirates Academy for Current 7th Graders

    While providing a wealth of educational opportunities, The Pirates Academy will introduce students to many of our other activities in an enjoyable, rewarding environment. Whether developing a product on our 3D printers, preparing for the Math and English portions of our entrance exam, developing a lab in our state-of-the-art science wing, or working with one of our renowned Varsity coaches, our Pirates Academy students will experience tremendous learning.

    The week-and-a-half program runs from late June to early July. Most days are 8:30 am - 2 pm with the exception of a one-day casual rafting trip down a small stretch of the Delaware River.

    The Pirates Academy is open to all current 7th graders, but has a capped enrollment. See the Pirates Academy page to learn more about the program and register.

    Please email David Snyder or Pete Durning if you have any questions regarding the Pirates Academy.
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