Thomas R. Farley '44 Seton Scholars Program

At the start of the 2007 academic year The Prep created the Thomas R. Farley '44 Seton Scholars program to even better position our most gifted students for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities in the nation.

  • The Seton Scholars Program is designed to provide exciting challenges and opportunities for those students.
  • Applicants who score in the top 5% on our Entrance Exam, who have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement in grammar or middle school, and who are willing to assume the mantle of leadership are invited to participate.
  • All Seton Scholars are required to take AP Human Geography, Honors Physics, High Honors Theology and High Honors English as Freshmen. They choose whether to take Band or Gym, a foreign language (Mandarin H, Latin H, Spanish H, or Italian H), and the level of Honors Math appropriate for them.
  • All courses are taken at the Honors or AP levels.
  • In Sophomore year, students are required to take AP World History, High Honors English and Theology, Honors Math, Language and Science.
  • In Junior year, students are required to take AP United States History, AP English, Honors Math and Theology
  • Students are expected to maintain at least a B+ average in their classes in order to continue in the program, though exceptional situations may be considered.
  • Conduct is always assumed to be at a positive leadership level.
  • The average SAT scores for our AP Scholars last year was: Critical Reading=706, Math=745, and Writing=740.
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