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Freshman Year: Transition & Foundation

As a year of transition, our primary goal when working with our freshmen is to ensure that they adjust to the social and educational environment of Seton Hall Prep and establish a firm foundation for future growth and development. While there are many support systems in place to accompany freshmen during this exciting year, Guidance and Peer Leaders figure most prominently. Freshmen are encouraged to seek out the assistance of their counselors when necessary.

  • Individual Meetings: introduction and review student progress
  • Homeroom Visits/ Individual Meetings
  • Managing Academic & Social transitions
  • Best Practices for Academic Success
  • Family Connection/Naviance Introduction
  • Standardized Testing- ACT Explore

Sophomore Year: Identity & Goal-Setting

With a year behind them, sophomores are well placed to reevaluate their progress and to set their sights on another challenging and rewarding year at Seton Hall. With the idea of “beginning with the end in mind,” we encourage students to look ahead and ask important questions about how their present choices will affect future possibilities. An integral part of this process involves students establishing themselves within the Seton Hall community and engaging in educational and extracurricular activities that will broaden their horizons.

  • Individual Meetings: review student progress
  • Small Group Meetings- self-assessment, goal setting, early college planning, community service
  • Family Connection/Naviance: Game Plan & Do What You Are
  • Standardized Testing- PSAT, SAT Subject Tests (optional)

Junior Year: Leadership & Discernment

Established in the life of the Seton Hall, juniors are encouraged to actively assume leadership within our school community. While juniors are expected to manage an ever expanding range of responsibilities, they eagerly look ahead to the college process and find themselves surrounded by a dizzying array of resources and possibilities. During this time, we hope to assist students in discerning their unique gifts and encourage them to think about colleges that will nurture their development.

  • Individual Meetings: review student progress and discuss college process
  • Family Connection/Naviance: College Search and “Colleges That I am Thinking About”
  • Family Connection/Naviance: Complete “Brag Sheet”
  • College Rep Night
  • College Representatives Visit SHP
  • Career Presentations
  • College Kick-Off for Juniors
  • Individual College Meetings: Student, parents & counselor
  • PSAT & SAT Preparation Courses
  • Standardized Testing- PSAT, SAT/ACT, & SAT Subject Tests (optional)

Senior Year: Legacy & Planning

Our seniors have one foot squarely placed in the present and the other in future plans. As role models for our younger students, seniors are strongly encouraged to embrace their leadership potential and their ability to influence and enhance the lives of our underclassmen. On paper, this year is packed with deadlines and demands. College Placement & Guidance hope to make this important year both manageable and rewarding. With the assistance of counselors, various resources and with careful planning, we are confident that seniors can cultivate their legacy while planning for life beyond high school.

  • Individual College Meetings
  • College Rep Night
  • College Representatives Visit SHP
  • Career Presentations
  • Senior Seminars
  • Standardized Testing- SAT/ACT/ SAT Subject Tests (optional)
  • Financial Aid Workshop
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