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self advocacy and expectations

A central part of the high school experience is for students to develop the skills and confidence needed to advocate for themselves. When inevitable setbacks emerge, students are encouraged to seek out the help of the appropriate party/parties. Whether speaking directly to a teacher or seeking out the assistance of a counselor, the hope is that students will make their needs known and seek out the appropriate support. Knowing well that such development is an on-going process, we would encourage parents to reach out to appropriate parties when they have concerns or feel that their son's struggles exceed their ability to self-advocate. If a parent has a subject-specific concern, please reach out to the teacher directly while notifying the appropriate counselor who can provide additional support.

Seton Hall Prep students should take responsibility for independent learning. Students are expected to do homework every weekday night and additional work on the weekends. While the amount of time dedicated to homework will vary from student to student, we encourage each student to spend a minimum of twenty minutes per subject per night. Homework is defined in the broadest sense, including not only written work but also studying or reviewing what was covered in class that day. Students should not be able to complete the necessary amount of quality homework during the school-day or on the bus or train. The greatest academic success is typically enjoyed by those students who are consistent and thorough workers who make a nightly commitment to their academic responsibilities.

All students should secure contact information from their classmates in the event that they are absent for a day or two and need to follow-up on missed work/assignments. Additionally, students should refer to the academic portal for any teacher updates or email their teachers directly to follow-up with missed work. In the event of a lengthier absence, reach out to teachers or the appropriate counselor who can facilitate securing assignments. Home instruction is also available in the event of long-term illnesses.

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