SHP Welcomes the Class of 2024

Taking the first steps towards restoring what resembles a normal school situation, the 280 newest members of the the SHP Community gathered for the Class of 2024 Freshman Orientation day on September 2. The students, masked up and sitting respectfully distanced in the Bayley Seton Auditorium, heard welcoming remarks from Admission Director Michael Zinsmeister, who had been their primary contact with the school for the past several months...
He then introduced Prep President Msgr. Michael Kelly and Headmaster Michael Gallo, both of whom, as alumni of The Prep, welcomed them to what hopefully will become a second home. Prep administrators followed with introductions to the academic, activities, discipline and spiritual programs. Concluding the opening assembly, Director of the Peer Leadership Program Theresa Neglia introduced the frosh to their senior Peer Leaders, who will meet with them daily throughout the year,  progressively assuming the role of 
teacher, mentor and big brother.

     After heading to their mentor group class rooms, each of the pair of Peer Leaders began the process of integrating the ninth graders into the community. First order of business was for the students in each of the 18 groups to learn some names and a little about each other. Then came tours of the building, learning about class schedules and use of the student website portal, questions to be answered by the experienced seniors, and student photos. 
     Over the years orientation day has been marked by the beginnings of the development of a closeness with one another; however, in the current environment the day's many activities took place through masks, shields, plexi-dividers and generally at a distance. Both the freshmen and their seniors look with hope to the days down the road when they all can see everyone's entire face.
[view the photo album of the day's activities]
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