Mr. Hegedus Receives CLASS Outstanding Chinese Teacher Award

We are proud to announce that Mr. Michael Hegedus received the 2019 CLASS Outstanding Chinese Teacher Award, presented each year to an individual of the Chinese teaching profession who is currently in practice and has demonstrated excellence in teaching Chinese language and culture to students at K-12 schools.

Mr. Hegedus earned this award by submitting a 15-minute instructional video, demonstrating excellence in teaching Chinese language and culture to his students. “He engaged his students and successfully utilized a variety of instructional strategies to help all learners be successful. The selection committee was most impressed by Mr. Hegedus’ excellent professional skills to facilitate a lively classroom. Most importantly his students truly seemed engaged and motivated to learn,” stated the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) in a press release. “He is an outstanding role model for many new Chinese language teachers, and we wish him continued success in his teaching.”

As the founder of our Chinese language curriculum and Director of the International Program, Mr. Hegedus has been an integral part of The Prep community since joining us in 2012.

“Because of Mr. Hegedus’ enthusiasm, our international students collaborate with our Chinese learners to produce elaborate New Year’s festivals, cooking events, eating-out socials, ping pong competitions, martial arts fun, museum trips, and extensive cultural exchanges,” commented Foreign Language Department Chairperson, Mrs. Margaret Mainardi. “Our thriving Chinese program has affected the life of the school.”

Congratulations again to Mr. Hegedus on this well-deserved recognition.
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