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Mother Son Dinner

Mother/Son Dinner Event Details

- Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022 
- Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
- Location: Birchwood Manor, Whippany
- Cost: $60 per person

*Senior Mother/Son Photo and baby photo for Tribute Video please forward to: shpmotherson2022@gmail.com by March 31st.


The Mother/Son Dinner is a long-standing and cherished tradition at the Prep. The night is filled with activities to provide students and their mothers/ guardians an opportunity to engage in conversation, share a meal with each other and honor their mother/ guardian.


Students are required to wear a blazer, tie and khakis or dress pants. The uniform blazer is acceptable. Mothers wear a range of business dress casual which includes dress slacks, skirts, suits or dresses.


Each student is allowed one ( 1) guest, which is traditionally his mother or guardian. If a mother/ guardian is unable to attend, another special adult female such as an aunt, grandmother, godmother or sister may attend. The student also has the option to attend with another classmate and his mother / guardian.


Each table seats 10-12 people. Each adult must register for herself and her son(s). If you wish to sit with a specific group, please designate one person in the group as table captain and indicate that person, along with your son's class year when you register. If no table captain is provided we will seat you according to class year. ALL STUDENTS MUST SIT WITH THEIR MOTHERS/GUARDIANS.


The night of the event, please check in at the registration table located in the lobby. A volunteer from Mothers Auxiliary will check you in and provide table information.


Please contact The 2022 Mother/Son Dinner Committee:
  • Lynn Sparno; lynnsparno@gmail.com
  • Ametra Burton; ametraburton@gmail.com
  • Michele Gilmore; irishgillygirl@gmail.com
  • Suzie Scannella; zscannella@msn.com
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