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Medical Paperwork

Medical Paperwork

- Authorization To Administer Epinephrine/Food Allergy Action Plan

- Medication Use Forms

- Pre-Participation Physical (PDF)

- Immunizations (form provided by your Primary Care Doctor)
  1. DTaP Series: (4 doses, with one given on or after 4th birthday or any 5 doses) plus one Tdap given no earlier than the 10th birthday
  2. Polio: (3 doses with one given after the 4th birthday)
  3. Hepatitis B: (3 doses or 2 dose series for ages 11-15)
  4. MMR: (2 doses of a live measles containing vaccine and 1 dose each of live mumps and rubella-containing vaccine on or after the 1st birthday) If the student has had the disease of Measles, Mumps or Rubella, a serum antibody level drawn in a medical laboratory showing sufficient immunity must be submitted.
  5. Meningococcal: Men ACWY (required if born after 1-1-97)
  6. Varicella (Chickenpox): (1 dose after 1st birthday)
  7. Mantoux (Tuberculosis) with results [For students entering from out of state/country only                                  

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