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Yifan Zhang

English Name: Nolan
Home: Zhengzou, China
SHP Activities: Ambassadors C-Tonians & Silk Road A Capella Ensembles, Future Business Leaders, Robotics
Career Aspirations: Marketing

Why did you choose Seton Hall Prep?
In all honesty, I chose SHP at the beginning because it was the best overall school to which I could gain admission. The warmth I felt even in the interviewing process made me feel that even though I would be entering an all-boys school – a rarity in China – that I could really integrate myself into the school.

What have you learned at SHP? What clubs, sports and activities have you participated in?
I participate in the Setonians a capella group, the Robotics club, the Stock Market club, Future Business Leaders Club, Chinese Club, SHP Ambassadors, and am currently developing an iOS app for use at the school.

What are some of the advantages of the Seton Hall Prep experience?
In terms of teaching, I have been fortunate to have some great instructors. Even though every teacher has his or her own merits, as a whole they have taken their job with utmost responsibility and sincerity – they have been extremely understanding in terms of student difficulties, and yet at the same time treating everyone equally. Simply put, they are not only interested in the academic development and abilities of students, but are concerned with their growth as a whole person.
In terms of the campus itself, I am personally not very picky, but at the same time I have found that the facilities are always in a state of improvement, and school leaders are always open to new ideas and viewpoints for change.

SHP students have a passion for learning and a spirit of cooperation and sharing. Students have been very welcoming to the international student community. Furthermore, they have a deep sense of pride in being a Prep student, and are an extremely exciting student group who always have their eyes on becoming even better.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a student at SHP, and how have your overcome them?
Due the time required to take part in student activities, maintaining high grades has been a personal challenge. I have taken on a heavy course load with 5 AP classes, so getting straight As has been difficulty. Perhaps this is what every student says, but my own way of overcoming the challenge has been this: more efficiently planning my time and carrying out those plans.
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