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The Seton Hall Prep College Placement & School Counseling Offices strongly encourage students to explore Naviance Student from Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students, parents and counselors.  Naviance Student is a comprehensive website that assists students, along with their parents, to plan for college and careers and assists in submitting documents essential to the college admissions process.  Naviance Student is linked with Counselors Office, a service that we use in College Placement/School Counseling to track and analyze data about the college and career plans of our students.  Additionally, Counselors Office will be an essential tool when electronically sending student transcripts and recommendations to colleges.  This connection between Counselors Office and Naviance Student facilitates communication between students, counselors and colleges and provides students with a customized experience that is tailored to their achievements and data unique to Seton Hall Prep.


Naviance Student will allow students to:

  • Begin the college planning process:
    • Research individual colleges, run customized searches and compare schools.
    • Use our school’s historical data to gain more personalized insight into college prospects.
    • Access numerous web-based resources gathered into a single location on Naviance Student .
    • Maintain a list of colleges that you are considering.
  • Manage college lists, applications and teacher evaluations
  • As students begin the process of planning for college and career, Naviance Student provides inventories and questionnaires that students can complete that will provide some insight into student strengths, blind-spots, interests, etc.
  • Communicate with their counselors
    Counselors will have access to information that is modified in a student’s profile and to inventories and questionnaires they complete.  Additionally, students will be able to send emails and other pertinent information to their counselors through Naviance Student .
  • Other features:
    • Scattergrams allow students to visually compare their GPA’s and SAT’s with other SHP students that have applied to a particular college.
    • College Visits will notify students of upcoming visits from college representatives.
    • Resume is a tool that helps students create a resume that is useful for both future employment and when students begin asking teachers to write recommendations.
    • Road Trip Nation is an archive of interviews with leaders in a variety of careers.

Who Has Access to Naviance Student ?

Both students and parents will have access to this service.  While parents will be able to view their child’s profile, only students will be able to modify their profile.

How Do I Access Naviance Student ?

Naviance Student can be accessed through the College Placement and School Counseling webpages on the website or directly at  All students and parents will be given their own unique registration code.  After you have entered this site using your code you will be asked to establish your own unique password.  If you have any questions about Naviance Student , please contact Chris Barnitt at

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