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The School Counseling Department believes that the development of young men is a collective responsibility- one that is shared by parents and the school community. Mutual cooperation is beneficial to the education of all students. One of the most important elements of this cooperation is a strong program of communication between home and school; one that is effective, ongoing and encouraging of parents' involvement in their son's education. As the student's first teacher, a parents may be aware of special needs, problems, and abilities that their child possesses. Sharing this information may be beneficial to his academic success and will enable the school to provide appropriate support.

In order to facilitate communication, various resources have been established. The student handbook and both have contact information for all members of the faculty and administration. A calendar is posted and continually updated on This year the school will be using a different platform for viewing grades. When users log into, they will be taken to their MY SHP where academic progress, course updates and report cards can be viewed. Please note that the updating of grades by teachers is a responsibility they take seriously and is an important form of communication that requires parental participation through periodic check-ins. Also, all trimester and end of year report cards are posted through MY SHP. No hardcopy report cards are sent home. Parent-Teacher conferences are held in the fall and winter trimesters and the Freshman Back-to-School-Night is held in September so parents can familiarize themselves with their son's teachers.

If students need to meet with their teachers, they are encouraged to attend help class or speak directly to their teacher to set up an appointment. School Counseling has an "open-door" policy which enables students to access support when needed as long as their counselor is not otherwise occupied with another student or parent. In such an event, students are encouraged to seek assistance from another available counselor. If parents desire a conference with a teacher or a counselor, they should reach out to that teacher or counselor via email or phone call to set up a mutually agreeable time to meet. Very often an email exchange or telephone conversation can substitute for a face-to-face meeting if the issue is not a serious one. Please do not arrive at the school without an appointment and expect to receive the same courtesies that are extended to those who have arranged for a meeting.

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