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Faculty Phone List

DIAL 973.325.PREP [7737]... then the extension

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English Department
Name Extension
Mr. William Siedler
ext. 5061
Mr. Martin Berman ext. 5002
Mr. Richard Binkowski ext. 5003
Mr. William Casey ext. 5007
Mr. Peter Ford ext. 5008
Mr. Peter Durning ext. 7620
Mr. Christopher Heintz ext. 5024
Mr. Chad Holland ext. 5026
Mr. John Pascal ext. 5050
Mr. Anthony Pucciarelli ext. 5051
Ms. Jacqueline Snyder ext. 5072
Mrs. Sharon Verhagen ext. 5039
Language Department
Name Extension
Mrs. Margaret Mainardi
ext. 5038
Mr. Brian Coldon ext. 5064
Mrs. Jenna Emiliani ext. 5043
Mr. Michael Hegedus ext. 5030
Mr. Anthony Lupica ext. 5036
Mrs. Tess Marino (Umana)  ext. 5071
Ms. Maria Santoliquido ext. 5055
Mrs. Gisella Schanil ext. 5054
Mrs. Gabriella Vargas ext. 5068
Mr. Joseph Ziccardi ext. 5067
Mathematics Department
Name Extension
Ms. Lisa Sgaramella
ext. 5060
Mr. John Allen ext. 5001
Mr. Joseph Boland ext. 5004
Ms. Keri Cerami ext. 5023
Mrs. Geralyn DeGeorge-Kovach ext. 5010
Mrs. Diane Neglia ext. 5047
Mrs. Maryann DeTrolio ext. 5012
Mr. Seann Farrell ext. 5017
Mr. Timothy Greene ext. 5070
Mr. David Kahney ext. 5031
Mr. Michael Kahney ext. 2055
Mr. Michael Kane ext. 5022
Mr. Thomas Murray ext. 5046
Mr. James Revel ext. 5053
Fine & Performing Arts Department
Name Extension
Mr. Joseph Neglia
ext. 6749
Mr. John Merklinger ext. 5045
Mrs. Theresa Neglia ext. 5048
Mr. Randolph Schweitzer ext. 5056
Health, Physical Education & Driver Education Department
Name Extension
Mr. Michael Sheppard
ext. 5059
Mr. Albert Calcagno ext. 5006
Mr. Ryan Clark ext. 7171
Mr. Robert Farrell ext. 5016
Mr. Cliff Smith ext. 5075
Theology Department
Name Extension
Dr. James Incardona
ext. 5028
Mr. Joseph R. Alexander ext. 5000
Mr. Ralph Dellanno ext. 5011
Ms. Kelly Dillon ext. 5044
Mr. Robert Dooley ext. 5014
Mr. Jonathan Lace ext. 5035
Mr. Vincent McMahon ext. 5013
Mr. Kevin McNulty ext. 6626
Ms. Sharon Rondinella ext. 6643
Ms. Mary Sorgi ext. 5073
Mr. John Stanczak ext. 5074
Mrs. Tara Schweitzer ext. 5076
Rev. James White ext. 5069
Science Department
Name Extension
Mrs. Kelly Ford
ext. 5057
Dr. Mark Connolly ext. 5009
Mr. Timothy Greene ext. 5070 
Mr. John Henrikson ext. 5025
Mr. Michael Metelsky ext. 5042
Mrs. Diane Neglia ext. 5047
Mrs. Victoria Bisceglia ext. 5047
Mr. David Brunkhorst ext. 5077
Mr. David Moore ext. 5015
Mr. Patrick Spangler ext. 5037
Mr. David Snyder
ext. 5063
Mr. Michael Smircich
ext. 5034
Mr. Minh Trinh  ext. 5020
History Department
Name Extension
Mr. Walter McMahon
ext. 5040
Mr. Matthew Bonder ext. 5058
Mr. John Finnegan ext. 5018
Mr. David Giarrusso ext. 5021
Mr. Michael Hulsy ext. 5027
Mr. Richard Ingraffia ext. 5029
Mr. Kevin McNulty ext. 6626
Mr. Joseph Neglia Jr. ext. 5019
Mr. Dennis Quinn ext. 5052
Ms. Julie Wester ext. 5062
Mr. Kevin Williams ext. 5066

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