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School Directory


Office Hours: 8 am – 4 pm
School Phone - 973.325.PREP [7737] then dial extension
Attendance Office 325.6638 - (Please call between 8:00 and 9:30 am)

Name Extension
Msgr. Robert Harahan 'H17
ext. 8615
Mrs. Karen Soccodato
Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster
ext. 6651
Fax: 843-1504
Msgr. Michael E. Kelly '57
ext. 6624
Fax: 736-2930
Mrs. Kathy Flaherty
Administrative Assistant to the President
ext. 6624
Mr. Michael Gallo
Assistant Headmaster
ext. 7600
Mrs. Stephanie Gallo
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Headmaster Gallo
ext. 6638
Mr. Kevin McNulty
Assistant Headmaster
ext. 6626
Mrs. Marian Mulvihill
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Headmaster McNulty
ext. 6260
Mr. Mark Smith
Dean of Men
ext. 6637
Mrs. Stephanie Gallo
Administrative Assistant to Dean of Men
ext. 6638
Fax: 731.3920
Mr. Michael Zinsmeister
Director of Admission/Financial Aid/Marketing
ext. 6632
Mrs. Patty Nascone
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Admission/Financial Aid/Marketing
ext. 6640
Mr. Rod San Cristobal
Director of Technology
ext. 6440
Mr. Peter Durning
Director of Activities
ext. 7620
Mr. Larry Baggitt
Director of Athletics
ext. 6639
Mr. Gene Insogna
Director of Finance
ext. 7170
Mrs. Mary Frances Salvante
ext. 6625
Mrs. Jeanne Haczyk
Tuition Payments
ext. 6653
Mr. Horton Sears
Griffin-Bridges Program
ext. 6784
Campus Ministry
Name Extension
Mrs. Sharon Rondinella
Director, Campus Ministry
ext. 6643
Rev. James White
ext. 5069
Rev. Zachary Swantek
 ext. 5015
Mr. Vincent McMahon
Director, Service Learning for Social Justice Program
ext. 6643
Mr. Joseph Neglia
Director of Music Ministry
ext. 6749
Mrs. Theresa Neglia
Director of Music Ministry
ext. 5048
Name Extension
Mr. Chris Barnitt
Director of Guidance
ext. 6631
Guidance Fax: 324.9983
Mr. Mark Vitale
ext. 6630
Mr. Christopher Scheick
ext. 6176
Mr. Matthew McKenna
ext. 7622
Mr. Anthony Cannella
Director/Learning Assistance Program
ext. 6397
Mr. William Fitzgerald
Counselor/Learning Assistance Program
ext. 6636
College Placement
Name Extension
Mr. Benjamin Laster
Director, College Placement
ext. 6628
Mrs. Barbara Farley
Administrative Assistant to the Director of College Placement/Senior Counselor
ext. 6627
Fax: 325.1846
Library/Media Center
Name Extension
Mrs. Maryann DeTrolio
Director of Library/Media Services
ext. 6693
Office of Institutional Advancement
Name Extension
Mr. Matthew Cannizzo '90
Director of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Richard Koles '69
Director of Alumni Relations
ext. 6634
Mr. Michael J. Perrotta '04
Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts
Mrs. Judy Gunn
Assistant to the Director of Institutional Advancement
ext. 6633
Fax 973-736-3831
 Mrs. MaryBeth Ream
Associate Director of Development
ext. 6652
Fax 973-736-3831
Technology Services
Name Extension
Mr. Rodrigo San Cristobal
Director of Technology
ext. 6440
Mr. David Snyder
Director of Instructional Technology
ext. 5063
Mr. Matthew Berman
Web Master, Social Media Director
ext. 6655
Mr. Minh Trinh
In-house Technician
ext. 5020
Mr. Brian Haczyk
Part-time Technician
Office of Communications
Name Extension
Mr. Richard Morris
Director of Communications
ext. 6430
Name Extension
Mrs. Gina Selby
Store Manager
ext. 6642
Mr. Rick Ingraffia ext. 5029
Nurse's Office
Name Extension
Mrs. Emmelyn Mailley
ext. 6648
Additional Listings
Name Extension
Faculty Room ext. 6646
Gymnasium ext. 6641
Trainer’s Room
Mr. Robert DiGregorio
ext. 6650
Food Service/Cafeteria ext. 6645
Mr Frank Tone
Physical Plant, Director
ext. 6649
English Office ext. 6264
History Office ext. 6675
Language Office ext. 6892
Physical Education Office ext. 6626
Theology Office ext. 7143
Mathematics Office ext. 6471
Music Office ext. 6749
Science Office ext. 6647

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