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To take advantage of Prep students' burgeoning interest in participating in service projects, the school has expanded already existing relationships among a variety of faculty members and Habitat for Humanity, the nationally known organization whose mission is to provide a workforce to create housing for those previously unable to afford it. Groups of Prep teachers and students have recently made a number of work-trips during school breaks and over long weekends to a number of economically challenged areas to work on home construction and house and apartment renovation in areas from West Virginia, to Buffalo, to Newark and Englewood.

List of 5 items.

  • Knights of Setonia

    Knights of Setonia Masses are offered periodically and are optional. Students may declare themselves Knight of Setonia by making a three-fold pledge:

    • Attend all Knights masses
    • Visit the Chapel weekly for private prayer
    • Perform 20 hours of service and submit the service form, highlighted in the following paragraph.
    Those who follow through on their commitment receive a Knights of Setonia lapel pin upon submitting their completed and signed Service Form. Light breakfast is provided by the Mother’s Auxiliary.
  • Liturgical Ministries

    Students participate in a variety of Liturgical Ministries. Readers and Acolytes (Altar Servers) are properly trained at any grade level. Students can apply in spring of Junior year to be Special Ministers of Holy Communion in Senior year. Music Ministry involves both students and faculty, with a well-rehearsed choir and instrumentalists.
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation

    The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered during lunch/homeroom every Friday in the Chapel, and at all times upon request. Lenten Reconciliation Services are held for all Theology classes. These services include prayer, examination of conscience and the opportunity for private Reconciliation.
  • Morning Prayer

    Morning Prayer is offered school-wide over the PA system. Intentions for the sick and suffering are included every Friday.
  • Student Participation

    Students are encouraged to participate in the planning and celebration of school liturgies through a variety of ministries:

    • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion — Students may apply in the spring of their junior year, to minister upon becoming seniors. Candidates undergo a training session on the Theology of the Eucharist and Distribution of the Eucharist. They receive their commissions at the opening liturgy of the year in September, a Mass of the Holy Spirit.
    • Music Ministers lead the congregation in song with voice and musical instruments. Faculty member Joe and Theresa Neglia are the moderators.
    • Acolytes lead the procession into and out of Mass with the cross and candles.
    • Banners are designed and created by students for every liturgy. Two thematic banners are made: one for the procession, is placed behind the altar; a second is placed on the ambo (lectern).
    • Gift-bearers present the gifts of bread and wine to the altar for consecration. Included are tags from the most recent tag day, symbolic of the money raised for service organizations.
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