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120 Northfield Avenue
West Orange, New Jersey 07052

Griffin Bridges Program

The Vision
"New Jersey’s inner city schools are facing a massive crisis. One in five young people living in or near New Jersey’s inner cities do not complete their high school or college education (The Star-Ledger, October 15, 2008). In fact, in some of our largest cities, over fifty percent of students do not graduate from high school, and many of those who do, are not prepared to continue their education and to compete successfully for job opportunities. These young people are left without hope, thus denying our society and economy of diversity and new talent. Young men, in particular, who could have been assets to our future become liabilities through rising crime and rising health care costs, thus increasing the demand for state aid "(Saving Futures, Saving Dollars: The Impact of Education on Crime Reduction and Earning, Issue Brief by The Alliance for Excellent Education, August 2006).

Founded as a formal program in 1993, The Griffin Bridges Program provides educational, financial, and social support to enable academically talented, financially limited young men from Newark, East Orange, Orange, and Irvington, to attend Seton Hall Preparatory School, the state’s oldest all boys Catholic Prep School. The Griffin Bridges Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of inner city young men, regardless of race or creed, by providing them with an environment where they can learn, develop, and become productive citizens. In addition to a four-year commitment in financial aid, scholars and their families are provided with a formal and extensive support network which includes:
An Alumni Mentoring Program

Peer “Big Brother” Program

A Four-Year Counselor/Social Worker

A Full-Time Program Director

The Griffin Bridges Advisory Committee
Acting as a team, this vast support system affords a unique infrastructure that ensures each student has the necessary support he needs to thrive.

Our Results
The results are palpable. The Griffin Bridges Program has successfully enrolled and graduated 72 young men in the last 20 years. As a group, our students have garnered every commencement and academic award that Seton Hall Prep bestows on graduation—Valedictorian, the Award for Academic Excellence, subject area medallions for excellence in Calculus, Social Studies, Theology, Classics, Humanities, Art, and Literary Achievement, among others. The list of universities attended by these graduates reads like a list of the US News and World Report’s Top Colleges—Princeton, Georgetown, Syracuse, Pratt, Pitt, Duke, Holy Cross, Cornell and more. We are also proud to report that our Program Alumni are giving back to their local communities and the inner-city as professionals, sponsors, mentors, advisory committee members, volunteers, and teachers.

Our Impact
With 100% of its Scholars accepted to four year colleges, Griffin Bridges is changing the paradigm for male students from the inner-city. Seton Hall Prep and Griffin Bridges wishes to continue its commitment to young men who want to succeed.

Twenty years after its inception, Griffin Bridges continues to connect young men from the inner city to opportunity and success. 

For more information please contact:
Ivan Arocho, Director- Griffin Bridges Program
Seton Hall Preparatory School
120 Northfield Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 07052
Phone: 973.325.PREP, ext. 6784
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