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From the President

Msgr. Michael Kelly '57

November 2018

Thanksgiving is a great season of the year.

A few days off from school, family and turkey.

More significant reasons: God has blessed us with life and health, with faith, hope, love with family and the heritage of our families.

These are the important things that really matter.

Thank God by accepting his blessings, using them well and sharing our blessings with others. Recall the story of the widow in the scriptures-others gave from surplus, she from need.

Jesus was disappointed when only one out of ten lepers he cured said “thank you” to Him; He would be disappointed if we do not thank Him and His Father. It is very fitting that we celebrate the Eucharist on Thanksgiving Day with our alumni and friends at the Turkey Trot. The Eucharist translates to gratitude and giving thanks; this is an opportunity for you to thank God.

Also, express your gratitude and appreciation to our parents. They have given you your family heritage. Be proud of it; share it with others; respect the heritage of each other. Your parents sacrifice so much for you; let them know you appreciate it.

Express your thanks to your teachers. They care so much for you and give so much to you. Show your appreciation by action, by cooperation, and by word.

I now present a challenge to myself and each teacher and staff member. I read recently in the Monitor that the way to encourage young people to appreciate the blessings of God is not by lectures and homilies from priests and teachers and parents, but rather by the adults showing the young people what respect for one another, gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving are all about – by the way they interact with each other. I hope we do not let you young people down.

Pray that each one of us, not only during the Thanksgiving Season, but in fact each day. Will place ourselves at the feet of Jesus and praise Him with prayers of thanksgiving.

I wish all of our families a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

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