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The Walton family learning center

Program Eligibility Guidelines

As a private school, Seton Hall Prep offers a limited support program for students that are classified with a disability. The Walton Family Learning Center at The Prep offers personal and academic support within the capabilities of our resources at Seton Hall Prep. The program allows students to work with the Learning Assistance Counselors and allows for the following accommodations:

  • 50% extended time on exams, tests and quizzes.
  • Preferential seating
  • The use of assistive technology in the classroom, consistent with teacher created procedures.

*Please note: Seton Hall Prep does not make any modifications to its curriculum, assignments, or testing content. All students are educated in the general education environment; there is no resource/replacement, pull-out or in-class support at Seton Hall Prep.

To provide such support and accommodations, the program is limited to students that have current documentation of a disability. To be eligible for the program, the guidelines below are strictly adhered to:

  • The student has been classified with a specific disability by a certified child study team and has current documentation of testing.
  • The student has been issued an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Student Plan (ISP) from a county or district approved child study team.
  • The student is exhibiting a 15 point discrepancy between their Academic Achievement Testing Scores and their Aptitude Testing Scores in a complete content area.
  • The student is determined to be eligible for services by a child study team based on a medical diagnosis that has significantly impacted his classroom performance, having attained an F or D in a subject area.
  • The student has undergone a private evaluation that has been previously approved by a child study team and meets the guidelines indicated above.

For any further question concerning eligibility, please contact the Director of The Walton Family Learning Center, Dr. Anthony Cannella at (973) 325-6397 or

*Note on ACT/SAT Multiple-Day Testing
Due to facility and staff restrictions, in school multiple-day accomodations for standardized tests cannot be given at Seton Hall Prep during the school year. Please contanct Director, Dr. Anthony Cannella, at, with any questions. 

Director of The Walton Family Learning Center

Anthony Cannella, PhD | 973.325.7737 ext.6397

Dr. Anthony Cannella is the Director of The Walton Family Learning Center at Seton Hall Prep. Dr. Cannella specializes in disabilities detection/management/coaching, academic support, and college placement. He is a graduate of the first cohort of Montclair State University's PhD program in Counseling and Educational Leadership. After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Scranton, Dr. Cannella decided to pursue his goal of helping others. In addition to owning his own educational consulting firm, Dr. Cannella trains prospective professional counselors and monitors their internship work. Dr. Cannella has a passion to help SHP students to effectively reach the next level of their lives.

Assistant Learning Counselor

Mr. William Fitzgerald | 973.325.7737 ext. 6636


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