Father Mike '57, President

During this crisis, we know that many of our families find themselves with unexpected hardship. Selflessly, many of you have asked how you can help us and help other families struggling during this time. In response, we have established a new fund for providing critical tuition assistance and essentials for those with the greatest need, the Hazard Zet Forward Fund “through adversity, we move forward”.

This initiative will serve as a bridge for families to help them through this time. These are the families who have confided in us that they are having difficulties already due to job loss/furlough, or other related issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of this fund will be to provide families with interim tuition relief to help them through this time. Our ultimate hope for this fund is that no parents will be faced with a decision of whether or not they can continue to have their sons attend The Prep in the aftermath of this health crisis.

We ask you to consider partnering with us as we find our way through this challenging time, in the true spirit of our motto, Hazard Zet Forward. Please join me in making a gift to the Hazard Zet Forward Fund here if your means permit. Your generosity will always be remembered by all of us here at The Prep, and by those who need it the most.

HZF Fund Giving Form

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