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Past Presidents and Award Recipients

Rich in tradition and history, many Seton Hall Prep graduate’s fathers have reigned in the position of President, some even graduates themselves. All of these men possessed an unrivaled passion for and a willingness to serve our school. It is under their watchful eye of these great men that the Fathers Club has flourished and provided our boys with the needed support to make their experience here at Seton Hall Prep second to none.

In addition, many fathers have served in great capacities. The Fathers Club recognizes these men with the presentation of two awards each year, the Thomas Reynolds award and the Art Williams award.

The Thomas Reynolds Award is presented to a father who exemplifies the Christian tradition in every facet of his or her relationships with their fellowman; has consistently shown themselves to be devoted to the welfare of the student body at Seton Hall Prep; and has consistently remained an active member of the Prep community, giving of themselves and their commitment beyond the usual degree of involvement. This award is bestowed in the memory of Thomas Reynolds who was one of the founders of the Fathers Club.

The Art Williams Award is presented to a father for his endless effort and support to the Fathers Club. The award is bestowed in memory of the late early 70s Fathers Club stalwart Art Williams, whose tireless “behind the scenes” efforts over many years has been the hallmark of the Fathers Club.

We thank all of men who served the Fathers Club before us and for for their countless hours of service and endless dedication to Seton Hall Prep and all it stands for.

Past Presidents

  • 1965–Joseph McLoone
  • 1966–William Poole
  • 1967–John Burke
  • 1968-69–Les Blaha
  • 1970–Robert McMenamin
  • 1971-72–Thomas Reynolds
  • 1973–Emil Hensler
  • 1974–Louis Masucci
  • 1975–Harry Knox
  • 1976–John Healy
  • 1977-78–Lawrence Sweeney
  • 1979–John Lombardo
  • 1980–Patrick O’Callaghan
  • 1981–Conlin “Lyn” Brogan
  • 1982–Edward Ferrari
  • 1983–John Mailley
  • 1984–Neil McNulty
  • 1985–William Yeomans
  • 1986–Robert Batta
  • 1987–V. Vincent Velardo
  • 1988–Michael Shannon
  • 1989–M. Richard Merklinger
  • 1990–Vincent Purpura
  • 1991–Drew Beifus 1
  • 1992–Bill Malone
  • 1993–Bob Travisano
  • 1994–Tom Lyons
  • 1995–Anthony Pusillo
  • 1996–Scott Russell
  • 1997–Dan DeTrolio
  • 1998–John Strong
  • 1999–Ray Gizienski
  • 2000–George Hayes
  • 2001-02–Steve Hamburger
  • 2003-04–Ken Mullaney
  • 2005-06–Joseph Brower
  • 2007–Vito Bianco
  • 2008-09–Edward Maffey
  • 2010-11–Donald Bruno
  • 2012-13–Thomas Lynch
  • 2014-15–Thomas Young
  • 2016-17–Michael Nilan

Thomas Reynolds Award Recipients

  • 1981–Joseph Walsh
  • 1982–John Lombardo
  • 1983–Lawrence Sweeney
  • 1984–Richard Morris
  • 1985–Gabriel Pierro
  • 1986–James Condon
  • 1987–Dr. Joseph P. Kane
  • 1988–Neil McNulty
  • 1989–Edward Ferrari
  • 1990–Rev. Edward Bradley
  • 1991–Sr. Regina Cordis Conboy, Sc
  • 1992–Frank Tuohy
  • 1993–Dr. Joseph O’Connor
  • 1994–Rev. Martin Foran & Rev. Joseph Wortmann
  • 1995–Rev. Stephen Kilcarr & Jack O’Rourke
  • 1996–Leslie Blaha & M. Richard Merklinger
  • 1997–Dr. Thomas Cuomo & Robert Farrell
  • 1998–William Casey & Vincent Purpura
  • 1999–Jean Moretti & Michael Shannon
  • 2000–Dan Detrolio & Dr. Richard Scaine
  • 2001–Peter Butler & Drew Beifus
  • 2002–Michael Gallo & Richard Binkowski
  • 2003–Patrick O’Callaghan & John Allen
  • 2004–Theresa Neglia & Jack Dibble
  • 2005–Emmelyn Mailley, R.N. & George Hayes
  • 2006–Tom Mccormick & Rev. William Melillo
  • 2008–Ken Mullaney, Steve Hamburger & Walter McMahon
  • 2009–Joseph A. Neglia H’01 & Larry Baggitt H’18
  • 2010–Thomas & Susanne Cregan
  • 2011–Robert Dooley & Sharon Rondinella
  • 2012–Ed Maffey & John Slevin ’65
  • 2013–Vincent D’antonio ’80, Robert B. Heintz & Michael Deehan ’80
  • 2014–Msgr. Michael E. Kelly ’57 & John McDermott ’48
  • 2015–Louis R. Puopolo Iii, Tony Esposito & Michael Sheppard Jr. ’77
  • 2016–Joseph Brower & Mary Ann Detrolio
  • 2017–Christopher Barnitt ’88 & John B. Murray ‘59

Art Williams Award Recipients

  • 1983–Frank Ferrise
  • 1984–Paul Alongi
  • 1985–Jim Condon
  • 1986–Al and Elaine Dobos
  • 1987–Sr. Regina Cordis
  • 1987–Sr. Appolonia
  • 1988–Neil McNulty
  • 1989–Vinnie Purpura
  • 1990–Jack Lasapio
  • 1991–Gene O'Brien
  • 1992–Fr. Ed Bradley
  • 1993–Jim Kennedy
  • 1994–Rich Morris
  • 1995–Bob Kraus
  • 1996–John Lombardo
  • 1997–Jim Martin
  • 1998–Joe Klimlowski and Roman Lemega
  • 1999–Greg Monfet and Jack Dibble
  • 2000 –Bill Hansen and Joe Walsh
  • 2001–Ray Gizinski
  • 2002 –Dan DeTrolio
  • 2003 –George Hayes
  • 2004 –Michael DellaPella
  • 2005–Bob Maul
  • 2006 –Nofrio Fornaro
  • 2007 –John Methfessel
  • 2008 –Mark Infante and Louis Puopolo
  • 2009 –Tony Esposito
  • 2010 –Vinnie D’Antonio
  • 2011–Phil Calinda
  • 2012 –Bruce DeSonne, Ed Maffey
  • 2013–Pete Nolan, Tim Coyne
  • 2015–John Santucci
  • 2016–Bob Waldron
  • 2017–Greg Steele 2018–Tom Lynch

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