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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Office of Alumni Relations has created a Mentoring Program for the benefit of our Young Alumni. We currently have over 100 alumni mentors who have volunteered their time to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. We are always looking for additional alumni to add to our cadre who are established in their professions and are willing to give back to The Prep.

Mentoring can be a very rewarding experience as you watch the growth of a young alumnus on a career path that may very well parallel your own. As a mentor you will connect with our young Alumni to guide them with your wisdom and expertise in your particular field as it pertains to career related issues.

As we reflect back to those earlier years when we were trying to determine our own career paths, it would have been helpful to have someone to consult with regarding the many questions or concerns we had back then. I encourage our alumni to seriously consider getting involved with the Mentoring Program regardless of how many years you have been involved in a particular career. The knowledge that you have gained will be extremely valuable to a young alumnus.

Mentoring will keep you connected with The Prep and its alumni in a very vital way. Hopefully, it will also lead to a renewed awareness of how special The Prep is and the significant part it played in your earlier years.

Please take the time to seriously consider getting involved with this program, which will be very beneficial to the professional growth of our Young Alumni.

We also encourage our Young Alumni to take advantage of this program. The knowledge gained by reaching out to one of our alumni mentors could be very useful to you as you make those difficult decisions pertaining to your career goals. It could also be of assistance to you in job placement upon graduation from college.

Interested mentors and mentees can contact Rich Koles '69, Director of Alumni Relations, to further discuss the Mentoring Program- 973-325-6634 or Rich Koles.

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