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International program

The Concept

"The International Program was started at Seton Hall Prep as a means of deepening our commitment to mission. We value diversity, and seek to prepare our young men to face the challenges of college and adulthood in a value centered fashion. More than ever before our young men will come from diverse communities, and so truly become global citizens. Inviting young men from other countries to share in and contribute to The Prep’s mission is critical to our vision. Three years ago we began a small effort with five young men that has blossomed. Those students who first came to us will complete their four years as leaders both in the classroom and in a wide variety of activities. They are Varsity Athletes, AP Scholars, Club presidents and so much more. We welcome the perspectives that they bring on a host of issues to help us to understand more fully how to be good and faithful citizens. We welcome any who would embrace our values to consider participating in our extremely challenging academic environment."Kevin McNulty, Asst. Headmaster & International Program Director, January 2016


The Seton Hall Prep international program was founded in 2013 with the purpose of welcoming international students to attend our school and receive the best Catholic education possible. In addition to receiving a top-notch American education, these students form an integral part of our diverse student body. After the establishment of our Mandarin program in 2012, international students from China have formed strong ties with our Mandarin learners and Chinese program.

In order to meet the needs of every international student, SHP offers an international advisor responsible for the student growth and life of each student while they are here. There are a number of activities and support geared specifically international students, however students are encouraged to branch out and become and become a part of our school’s community at large.


Program Facts

Year Founded: 2013

International Student Enrollment (2015-16): 17 Students

International Student Nations represented (2013-present): China, Korea, France, Germany, Syria

Activities Represented at SHP: Student Ambassadors, National Honors Society, Service Learning, Art Club, A Cappella Choir, Chess Club, Chinese Club, Robotics Club, Cooking Club

Student-Athletes at SHP: Basketball, Swimming, Rifle Team, Ping Pong

The International Program
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