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Young Alumni Return and Re-Connect


The second snow storm in as many weeks could not derail what has become an early January tradition at the Prep. Although once postponed, the 2011 version of Young Alumni Day was a celebration of the ties that bind Prep alumni together, as well as of the successful starts they have made in the first months of their college careers. January 9 saw nearly 100 alumni return to The Prep to renew acquaintances with their former classmates and teachers.


Pirate alums are spread out at universities all over the nation, so there was much to catch up on and to celebrate. There were also “new looks” to get used to: beards, moustaches, haircuts, etc. A pair from the Class of 2010 paid homage to their former dress code— one showing up in a blazer, another with a tie.


A number of the returning alumni joined in the current Student Council project "Voices of The Prep," an opportunity to record favorite memories of life at school. Begun last spring, the project has since recorded memories from students as far back as the 1940s. Alumni can look for the chance to record their own memories at major alumni gatherings, such as reunions, graduation, Golden Knights Luncheons and the like. The results will at some time in the future be available on this website. [see photo album in Media Gallery]


After an hour to catch up with each other while the current students finished lunch, the young alumni set about devouring a half dozen 6-foot subs supplied by the Alumni Office.



Though some may have skipped the sign-in desk, here are the alumni present for the day:

Matt Deluca ’07, Ryan Hennessy ’07, Robert Campana ’08, Brendan Campi ’08, Paul Dellanno ’08, Mike Martinez ’08, Bogumil Misiuk ’08, Sam Paternosto ’08, Joe Spano ’08, Tyler Thomas ’08, Jonathan Buck ’09, Joseph D’Agostino ’09, Wils Desonne ’09, Ryan Getz ’09, Paul Judge ’09, Donato Marucci ’09, Brendan McAuliffe ’09, Matt Millea ’09, Brian Sherry ’09, Mike Smircich ’09, Kevin Spano ’09, Charles Stewart ’09, Anthony Wassef ’09, Peter Alexander ’10, Michael Alworth ’10, Alexander Amedeo ’10, Ryan Baker ’10, Andrew Bates ’10, Tom Bechtold ’10, Nick Benevenia ’10, Sam Benevenia ’10, Conor Byrne ’10, Pat Cahill ’10, Chris Caldwell ’10, John Canella ’10, Jesse Chapnick ’10, Joe D’Angiolillo ’10, Cameron Davison ’10, Chris DeLuca ’10, Sean Doherty ’10, Billy Dries ’10, Alex Dvoretsky ’10, Connor Farley ’10, Ryan Ferramosca ’10, AJ Gardner ’10, Ricky Gargiulo ’10, Brian Gelinne ’10, Austin Glover ’10, Matthes Gorski ’10, Chris Janish ’10, Chuck Kohaut ’10, Nick Maffey ’10, Jeff Mangiafico ’10, Tyler McCormick ’10, Richard Murray ’10, Chris Nascone ’10, Liam Orr ’10, Joseph Porchetta ’10, David Robinson ’10, Michael Russo ’10, Lorenzo Russomanno ’10, Doug Schleuning ’10, Pat Smith ’10, Peter Snefler ’10, Daniel Sproull ’10, Alex Steiko ’10, Chris Tortora ’10, Tad Umali ’10, Mark Vitale ’10, Oliver Wenson ’10, Marcus Williams ’10, Daniel Zielke ’10


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