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Kairos Retreat- Fall 2010
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Kairos Retreat- Fall 2010


Seton Hall Prep’s Kairos Program has just returned from their three-day retreat at the Loyola House of Retreats in Morristown. Based on the “Christian Awakening Program” developed in 1965 by the Diocese of Brooklyn, and used by many Catholic schools and universities across America, the retreat is a time for the students to get away from the noise, distractions, and responsibilities of everyday student life in order to spend time concentrating on core relationships: their relationship with God, with others, and with themselves. Highly structured with a number of student and adult presentations, large and small group discussions,Kairos offers opportunities for personal and group prayer and includes Celebrations of the Eucharist and the opportunity for individual Confession.


Led by a team composed of former Kairos retreatants and Prep staff members, for three days the students attended large group talks followed by discussions in small teams. Like the six previous editions, “Kairos 86-7” featured a number of activities to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection.


The key themes of Kairos retreats are: knowing oneself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, recognizing and responding to Jesus’ call, and living the message of Christ. Some of the group talks centered on “Piety,” “Know Yourself,” Sacramentals and Prayer,” “Results of God’s Friendship,” and “Love in Action.” The entire program was coordinated by Director of Campus Ministry Sharon Rondinella and Guidance Counselor Bill Ward. Also accompanying the students were faculty members Deacon Richard O’Hara, Jason Makarow, Rick Ingraffia, Coach Mike Sheppard and Chaplain Fr. Jim White. Special guest was Msgr. Ed Bradley, former longtime member of the Theology Department, now the Archdiocesan Special Liason to the Retired Priest Community.


While the tone of the retreat is generally serious, the schedule does provide a recreation period each day for the retreatants, who otherwise would be inside all day. This year football was high on the agenda (following upon last spring’s inexplicable gaffe, someone did remember to bring a ball) [photos]


The group of 40 juniors and seniors returned to school refreshed, and looking forward to putting their “lessons learned” into practice on what Kairos calls the “fourth day.”